A Praying Life

The entire ministry of A Praying Life®—seminars, cohorts, books, and tools—is an invitation for weary saints to come to Jesus: come overwhelmed with life. Come with a wandering mind. Come messy.

This seminar is not for victorious Christians, but Christians defeated in the trenches, asking… How do I focus when I’m distracted with so much to do? How do I pray longer than five minutes? How do I ask when I’ve tried it before and it doesn’t work?

Delving into our frustrations, we look at Jesus’ powerful yet simple teachings on prayer. We practice becoming child-like, patterning after Jesus’ own teaching and style of praying. We learn to ask our Father anything – with eyes wide open to the story he is creating in our lives. Further practical tools and helps are explained and demonstrated. Throughout the sessions people have time to pray, making real what they learned. 

A cohort is a highly personalized prayer training in which you gather with an experienced prayer trainer and 7-8 other committed participants on Zoom. Together, you'll build a set of 5 or more personal prayer cards that you’ll use to pray through key areas in your lives. Each week, you will experience the accountability and encouragement of praying together. As you see God at work in one another’s lives, you will grow in wisdom and faith.

What if you could sit down and talk with Paul Miller, author of "A Praying Life," and Bob Allums, long-time prayer seminar leader, about prayer every day for one month? What if you could, in less than fifteen minutes a day, plan a practical way to make prayer a sustained and intentional part of your everyday life? You can with this 30-day video series.

Check out these additional, free resources for using prayer cards: Scripture for Prayer Cards, Scripture for Prayer Cards (References Only), and Appendix to A Praying Life

O Poder de Uma Vida de Oração
Una Vida de Oración
A Praying Life Seminar Leader's Manual

Over 500,000 Sold

The first edition of A Praying Life taught some 350,000 Christians how to pray like children running to their Father for help. Now in its second edition, Paul Miller’s best-selling book invites the rest of us to ask God for help with the nitty-gritty details of life—from parking spots to contact lenses—and discover the freedom and joy of a vibrant prayer life. Includes practical help for all of us who pray badly!

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